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Wednesday, 24th June 2020

08:30p.m.-09:30p.m. GMT+1 (UK Time)

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Warrior Woman
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Every woman is unique, beautiful and destined for more! We believe that regardless the age, occupation or life style, every woman can overcome any obstacle, and tame whatever stops her from achieving her full potential.


Warrior Woman CIC is a Community Interest Company, founded by TED Speaker, Women's Life Coach and Self-Actualisation Expert, Suzan Marie.

We are a tribe of women that want to call out the warrior woman within, utilise our full potential, live out our purpose, help other women along the way and get to meet more women locally!

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A club specially designed for today's busy, but powerful woman!

What is this about?

We are thrilled to announce that our local Warrior Woman Club in Hereford is officially opening its doors to everyone for our first FREE online meetup!

We are excited to have you join us at our Women's Empowerment Club, aiming to connect women locally, build community, while offering support and empowerment.

Passionate to inspire women to create and lead their life confidently, we enjoy great connections, a bit of a laugh, open conversations, while we cover a range of self-development topics that concern women today.

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Who is this for?

The Warrior Woman club offers an opportunity to network and meet with like-minded women, from various backgrounds, whether you are a professional, a mum on the go, married or single. This is a comfortable and light place to give yourself the space to be you, get to know more about yourself, while also having some great fun with others.

What to expect?

Expect to be inspired, to have fun and feel part of an amazing tribe of women.

An opportunity to share more about who you are and what you do.

What do I need to have with me?

Since we are meeting online, all you need to have is (preferably) a drink and your notebook! Find the most comfortable spot in your house and join us!

This is your chance, don't miss it!


Wednesday, 24th June 2020

08:30p.m. - 09:30p.m.


Link TBA

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Suzan Marie, the founder of Warrior Woman, an inspirational speaker, and experienced transformational coach, empowers women to aim high and awake the warrior inside of them. 

As one of the most touching stories ever featured on the TEDx platform, her life experiences have touched hundreds of women, as she has dedicated her career in inspiring women to rise above trials and begin conquering ground in any area of their life. By connecting to their spiritual self, embracing their uniqueness, and begin living divinely in abundance so every woman can share her love with the world.

After earning her B.A. in Education, Suzan began working as a teacher. She quickly realized that she had the entrepreneurial bug, and as long as she was stuck in this day in day out long hours job, she would never fulfill her true potential. Through straining financial struggles, she was not willing to compromise and decided to get her foot off the brakes when it came to living out her bigger purpose. She discovered and experienced that God (the Divine) can be part of your everyday life, and explored spiritual development while embracing her very own revamp.

Her dream had always been to share her journey and serve women all around the globe in the most effective and valuable way possible.

With a vision to impact millions, Suzan was determined to do the inner and outer work required to create her dream business, without sacrificing her true desires, and fulfill a word she couldn’t let go of; Liberation. Freedom in doing what you love when you love to and live a life full of adventures and rapid excitement. Daring to get out of her comfort zone, Suzan brings to light the secrets of living like a true Warrior. Her transparency through her real storytelling, make both VISION and FAITH a weapon to succeed as she can quickly earn a place in the hearts of many devoted followers, eager to discover the secrets to creating a life full of pleasure and purpose.

Her well worth journey in becoming a business owner, and a happily married mother of 2 miracle babies, defied all norms and expectations, paving the way for women in any given situation to start experiencing transformational change, win back lost ground and say YES to their vision and authentic self.

For women who are after winning ground they have lost (whether that is a connection to themselves, broken love, unfulfilled dreams), Suzan’s inspiration can draw them into a world of infinite possibilities, where freedom, confidence, and clarity is found, all wrapped up in a life of balance and abundance.  

Warrior Women are go-getters! And take action now. The lioness inside of you is roaring and is ready to embrace your uniqueness and the invitation is for each of us to begin to RISE. Suzan Marie is here to empower the next generation of women, to rise up and be the best version of themselves. A battle has never been so exciting to win!



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