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It’s time to roll into this New Year more ready than ever!

Ready to spark the flame between your life today and your dreams, while rediscovering that inner warriorness?

A short message from Suzan Marie, the founder of Warrior Woman


I am thrilled you are here!

And I am 100% with you to take a stand here and now, and applaud you for taking the step to revamp your life.

You remember those magical, epic, meaningful desires you’ve had for years now? Well, this is your time to take that amazing warriorness you are so capable of igniting and begin revamping your life and making those audacious desires become your reality.

Prepare to be the Queen of your life, activate your spirit self, and begin recreating and taking action starting from now.

It’s my honor to have you here today, as I welcome you to the world where your inner warriorness is your superpower, and living a life you love full of abundance is your new norm.



Program Details

✔️A 10-WEEK JOURNEY designed to ignite your inner warrior, and start turning those ideas, goals, and visions into reality.

✔️Our revamp mastermind course is a 10-week course, that will take you from trying to figure out the how to’s while spinning in circles, and begin to revamp your life, live your purpose, and what you are truly meant for. It is full of meaty content, practical and applicable techniques, measurable and ongoing target points, and a unique content of unshakable spiritual ‘’superfood’’ that will get you from a survival mode to thriving mode.

✔️All of this put together with also the benefit of having weekly exclusive access to additional resources on the side that will accelerate your journey and help you develop a fundamental understanding of what your warriorness is all about, and how to use it NOW.


Tell me more!

Is this course for me?



If you want to tap into your inner spirit and discover, connect and ignite that warrior inside of you, while learning ways you can apply spiritual enlightenment in everyday life.


If you want to know how to align your life, get practical hands exclusive guidance from a transformational coach, and take action today, and getting those ideas, goals and visions off paper and into your next reality.


If you are ready to stop compromising, get a clear understanding, and create a solid foundation of what your purpose is in life, what you want to achieve and deserve to have, based on your unique attributes, talents.


If you want to develop what I like to call an inner abundant well of confidence, as you ignite that inner warrior flame.


If you are eager to learn how to thrive in the process and succeed in reaching your goals in any area of your life.

If you said yes to these statements then keep reading because this program is for you.

Are you ready to live the life you always dreamed of?


Science confirms that every human being has a spiritual energy

95% of your decisions are influenced by your inner consciousness and not from your cognitive ability

Your carnal feelings self bring out many negative results

Stressful emotions change not from external stimuli but from internal processes

The greatest power lies in spiritual and conscious awakening

This is not just a course.
It is a personalized mastermind that addresses your life where it is today.

The REVAMP MASTERMIND PROGRAM, with its uniquely drafted content designed specifically to pinpoint what women feel, experience and are seeking for, with its unique content and powerful fundamental structure is available for you to gain clarity & balance in your life as you ignite your true authentic inner self.

How bad do you want to find balance?

How It Works?

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Live Masterminds

Live Masterminds

With your mentor Suzan Marie, experience a built-in live series, expanded to cover 3 specific levels of your life’s foundation in your 10 weeks you will experience…. Deep dives into particular topics, as you immerse yourself in the present moment, contextualize your ideas, ignite your vision, gain clarity and create a bridge and a roadmap between where you are now and where you want to be.



Even with the busiest schedule, your micro learning lessons, are our most compact and sufficient way to get your dose of clarity, goal setting, and tools to take on your journey. Bite-size videos that do not require you to pour through hours of learning content.

Weekly Superfood

Weekly Superfood

You receive your weekly target point resources, that will allow you to practically begin and apply what you are learning.

Community Learning

Community Learning

We encourage all of our students to connect in our Members only exclusive Facebook community, as they share their journey and support each others’ growth.



Meet Your Educator
Suzan Marie

Suzan Marie, the founder of Warrior Woman, an inspirational speaker, and experienced transformational coach, empowers women to aim high and awake the warrior inside of them. 

As one of the most touching stories ever featured on the TEDx platform, her life experiences have touched hundreds of women, as she has dedicated her career in inspiring women to rise above trials and begin conquering ground in any area of their life. By connecting to their spiritual self, embracing their uniqueness, and begin living divinely in abundance so every woman can share her love with the world.

After earning her B.A. in Education, Suzan began working as a teacher. She quickly realized that she had the entrepreneurial bug, and as long as she was stuck in this day in day out long hours job, she would never fulfill her true potential. Through straining financial struggles, she was not willing to compromise and decided to get her foot off the brakes when it came to living out her bigger purpose. She discovered and experienced that God (the Divine) can be part of your everyday life, and explored spiritual development while embracing her very own revamp.

Her dream had always been to share her journey and serve women all around the globe in the most effective and valuable way possible.

With a vision to impact millions, Suzan was determined to do the inner and outer work required to create her dream business, without sacrificing her true desires, and fulfill a word she couldn’t let go of; Liberation. Freedom in doing what you love when you love to and live a life full of adventures and rapid excitement. Daring to get out of her comfort zone, Suzan brings to light the secrets of living like a true Warrior. Her transparency through her real storytelling, make both VISION and FAITH a weapon to succeed as she can quickly earn a place in the hearts of many devoted followers, eager to discover the secrets to creating a life full of pleasure and purpose.

Her well worth journey in becoming a business owner, and a happily married mother of 2 miracle babies, defied all norms and expectations, paving the way for women in any given situation to start experiencing transformational change, win back lost ground and say YES to their dream life.

For women who are after winning ground they have lost (whether that is a connection to themselves, broken love, unfulfilled dreams), Suzan’s inspiration can draw them into a world of infinite possibilities, where freedom, confidence, and clarity is found, all wrapped up in a life of balance and abundance.  

Warrior Women are go-getters! And take action now. The lioness inside of you is roaring and is ready to embrace your uniqueness and the invitation is for each of us to begin to RISE. Suzan Marie is here to empower the next generation of women, to rise up and be the best version of themselves. A battle has never been so exciting to win!

What People Have Experienced

Are you ready to take massive action right NOW?


MODULE #1: The Levels Of Spiritual Enlightenment

MODULE #2: Re-Discover My Story

MODULE #3: Re-Connect To My Inner Warrior

MODULE #4: Re-Create My Extraordinary Vision

MODULE #5: Re-Ignite My Purpose, Living Spiritually Enlightened And Free

Course Structure


Bonus Warm Up Lesson

Transcending Duality Micro-Lesson



MODULE 1: Live Mastermind 1’15

>Accessing The Levels Of Spiritual Enlightenment
>Activating Awareness


Micro-lesson & Spirit Lab Work Task For Module 1



MODULE 2: Live Mastermind 1’15

>Re-Discover My Story
>Transition To A New Perspective & Create A Receptive Field Within You With These Warrior Tools.
>BONUS: Learn The Power Of Storytelling


Micro-lesson & Spirit Lab Work Task For Module 2



MODULE 3: Live Mastermind 1’15

>Re-Connect to My Inner Warrior
>Discovering My Spiritual Receptors & The How-To Tools To Successfully Format & Elevate My Beliefs


Micro-lesson & Spirit Lab Work Task For Module 3



MODULE 4: Live Mastermind 1’15

>Re-Create My extraordinary vision
>Craft And Map Out Your Vision And Discover How To Activate It
>Measurable & Achievable Goal Setting


Micro-lesson & Spirit Lab Work Task For Module 4



MODULE 5: Live Mastermind 1’15

>Re-Ignite My Purpose, Living Spiritually Enlightened & Free
>Discover How To Apply Your Spiritual Tools & Weapons In Your Everyday Life, To Continue Your Journey, Aligned With Your Purpose 
>Exploring Synchronicities & Divine Guidance

All of the Modules will be available for you on our online platform where you can study them at any time you wish.

Warrior Woman Academy
Gates open: 

2nd January 2019

Start by getting your free bonus warm up video and exercise to get you started.

7 Ways That The REVAMP MASTERMIND Program Will Transform You:


You’ll be able to identify and tap into your true authentic warrior.

Most people live their life to please others. And most of the time they lose contact with what they truly want in life, go around in circles feeling unsatisfied of their choices in life, not sure who they really are and what they really want and deserve, whether that is regarding their life’s purpose, their job, their relationships. But when you tap into your inner spirit self with ease, you will discover that synchronicities will start appearing in your life. Things will begin to align and you will be able intuitively know what is part of your bigger vision, and distinguish what will not benefit you, and with confidence and assurance walk on your path.

You will be confident in your actions even when things are tough.

Most people live their life to please others. And most of the time they lose contact with what they truly want in life, go around in circles feeling unsatisfied of their choices in life, not sure who they really are and what they really want and deserve, whether that is regarding their life’s purpose, their job, their relationships. But when you tap into your inner spirit self with ease, you will discover that synchronicities will start appearing in your life. Things will begin to align and you will be able intuitively know what is part of your bigger vision, and distinguish what will not benefit you, and with confidence and assurance walk on your path.

You will have a clear vision of your unique attributes and qualities.

One of the reasons this is so important, is because the society we live in has imprinted in our minds what the ideal life looks like. And many of us, struggle in life trying to develop this ideal life, that doesn’t actually represent who we really are. That is why this course naturally guides you to seek and determine what makes you so unique. It laser-targets your exact personality traits, life values, and skills and helps you master out your plan and ideal lifestyle living.

You’ll discover ways to experience awareness and a spiritual connection daily, as you go on your everyday life.

Spirituality is a concept that is usually connected to long hours of self-discipline, quiet meditative states, or loudly prayers followed with hours of religious study. We believe spirituality is not a book of rules, and definitely a course of rituals you are forced to apply. The best thing is, that spirituality is made to be part of your everyday life, and can be experienced on many levels whenever and wherever you are. That is why we have created applicable, exciting and helpful techniques that you can try and benefit from for yourself.

You’ll be in tune with your purpose.

Most people, are not happy with their lives, and feel they don’t have a purpose. When you clear away those blockages and format your mindset, you will find yourself seeing exactly what your purpose is in life, and will be capable of knowing how to activate it in your life.

You will experience more fulfillment and joy in life.

Joy is one of the most ultimate states a human can be in. And fulfillment will bring you to a place of gratitude, and conscious awareness of where you are today in life and where you are heading. Contentment and expectancy will be driving your life’s vehicle. You will live every day in excitement because all your inner power will simply overflow and make you feel all of these, even before you reach any of your goals.

You will feel more grounded and connected to self.

In everyday life, people tent to feel wired while they are constantly on the move, and begin to lose sense of who they are, just like loosing signal and ending up being lost. This is not to say that our lives will slow down any time soon, but it does accurately make a point for us to intentionally examine how to move forward in life, in the right direction with flow and ease. This way, as you go through your everyday life, you will be grounded, more aware of where you are now, as you are being in a flow with your current circumstances, in a driven sense of confidence and contentment. You will become more organized and clear in your thoughts and actions, as all the unnecessary noise and mental fuzziness will tune out.

Are you ready to win back lost ground?

Here is everything you get when you join our REVAMP Mastermind Program:

UNLIMITED 1 (ONE) YEAR ACCESS to our Warrior Woman Academy Platform.

Start your journey on the 2nd of January with others to REVAMP your life.

BONUS: FREE 1 (ONE) YEAR MEMBERSHIP to our Warrior Woman Movement, giving you VIP discounts to our events, future programs and products.  

FULL ACCESS to the REVAMP Mastermind Program.

EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to our Members only Community.

BONUS: FIRST SPOT to any of our limited seat, future masterclasses.

BONUS: PERSONALIZED guidance and answers to your questions by Suzan Marie for 10 weeks.

Community Support with an amazing group of go-getters, and like-minded women from all around the world.

Completion Certification at the end of your Mastermind Program.


The usual price for programs like this ranges anywhere from 700- 1500 euros) However, for this 10-week mastermind coaching program given to you by Suzan Marie, we have dropped the price down with a massive discount.

By becoming one of our mastermind students you automatically get access to THREE amazing advantages that may not be available in the future, and are now given to you as additional bonuses.

Get the chance to, connect, network and be part of a worldwide community of likeminded women who are eager to take hold of their life, rise up to their true warriorness and begin winning back lost ground. Gain weekly insight from Suzan, participate in Q&As, hear enlightening opinions in triggering life changing conversations that will challenge your mindset and compliment your journey to success!


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